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How can I find my kid’s team and get access to it?

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SportsPlus allows team members to access all team details like schedule, roster, scores, availability, attendance, and announcements in the team portal. You can view these details individually for every team, by selecting the team of your choice, if you are a part of multiple teams.

You can not sign up for a team directly. The organization or team staff must add you to the team. Once they add you to a team, you will receive an email from SportsPlus, allowing you to log into the system and then access the team.

To find, allow and access it, follow the steps below.

  • After logging into the SportsPlus application as a parent, ensure that you’re in the team area (by clciking on the Team in the header)
  • If you are not part of the team yet, then you can request the coach/staff of your kid’s team to add you as a parent to the team.
  • When you click on Team link in the header, if you are already a part of two or more teams, the following page will be displayed, allowing you to select a team.

  • Click on the team of your choice, and the following page will be displayed.

  • Once you select your kid’s team, you can get access to all the details related to the team.
  • You can also switch your account to your kid’s account and get access to all the teams your kid is a part of.

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