sportsplus release notes Oct 13


  • The organization admin can 
    • Upload a background image for the player/team registration process from the Org Settings > Visual Settings page. 
    • Define the max score differential value to calculate the standings from the Org settings > Standings page.
  • The organization staff members can cancel the auto-enrollment payments from the member overview page.
  • The public tournament operators can 
    • Activate the pool play & bracket tournament from the Schedule > League/Tourney/Season page.
    • Add multiple pricing packages for the team registration programs.
    • Swap teams under the pool play schedules from the Tournament Show page > Schedules tab.
  • Enhanced UI/UX in the following areas.
    • Tournaments list and show pages on the organization’s public website.
    • Tournament registration process.
    • Team registration process.
  • The team staff can update the date of birth of the team members.


  • Fixed document upload issue in the program registration process.
  • Fixed issues in the tournament bracket generation process.
  • Fixed 504 timeout issues while applying filters on the public website teams’ page.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.
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