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SportsPlus Mobile App Release Notes – Jun 18, 2020

sportsplus jun mobile app release notes
We are pleased to announce the release of SportsPlus mobile app version 5.2 with the following enhancements.
  • Added inbox which allows accessing and managing messages

  • Supported emojis in communication such as team live 

  • Detected and presented the conflicts on game and practice update 

  • Added options allowing team staff to update the availability of players

  • Added options which enable members to update certain profile properties 

  • Organization quick links are made available inside the mobile app

  • Enhanced the team pictures management options and the presentation

  • Allowed users navigating to the schedule details from the dashboard

  • The displayed number of unread notifications as badge count  

  • Enhanced the app usability by addressing certain navigation and presentation issues

  • sportsplus mobile app release notes fixes and performance enhancements

About SportsPlus:

SportsPlus is an all-in-one modern sports management platform for sports clubs, leagues, associations, teams, coaches, admins, officials, players, and parents. SportsPlus platform helps with managing player registrations, online payments, schedules, teams, leagues, tournaments, fields, members, and websites. 

SportsPlus mobile app works with the SportsPlus platform. The mobile app helps with team communication, scheduling, volunteers, roster management, and player availability. Access SportsPlus on the web at

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