Release Notes

Release Notes – June 4th, 2018


  • Introduced a new feature to create & update the leagues.
  • Added a new website page for leagues.
  • Provided an option to select multiple league standings on the organization website.
  • Introduced a new option ‘Points against per game played’ to order the league standings.
  • Allowing users to register for the organization programs, via member invitation links.
  • Introduced affiliate partner program feature.
  • Provided filter options on the organization view past schedules page.
  • Added priority option to the organization divisions and age groups.
  • Allowing the organization staff members to export athlete details along with the athlete teams.
  • Provided athlete & parent privacy options on the roster page under team area.
  • Added a new website page for teams to display schedule lists.
  • Added a new website template.
  • Provided a new drop-down on multiple organization pages.
  • Provided pagination for the organization update payments page.


  • Enhanced homepage of Thapos website.
  • Enhanced header & footer of Thapos website.
  • Displaying teams list based on the priority of age groups & divisions on multiple pages.
  • Fixed bulk upload & schedule issues.
  • Allowed to handle failed & declined payment transactions.
  • Fixed payments & registration issues.
  • Fixed various team & usability issues.
  • Fixed iOS mobile app issues.
  • Various presentation changes & bug fixes.

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