Release Notes

Release Notes – Jun 28, 2019


  • The organization staff members can export the payment records from the update payments page.
  • The organization staff member can set the ‘arrive’ option to zero minutes while scheduling a match.
  • If the organization invoice gets expired, automated schedule and registration payment due related reminders will be disabled.
  • The organization staff member can search a member by entering member’s full name in the following pages- All Registrations, Placed Orders, Update Payments, Payment Transactions, Unsettled Transactions, Organization Team Roster, Assign Players & Staff to Teams and Athlete List.
  • The organization staff member can retire & activate leagues, tournaments and seasons. All the retired leagues, tournaments and seasons are displayed in a separate page.
  • The organization staff member with the role ‘junior clerk & above’ can view all the athlete’s feedback from the navigation link on the athletes list page.
  • The organization super admin can control whether the team staff can upload/change the team logo or not.
  • The recent match result is displayed on the team dashboard/homepage.
  • The organization staff member while clearing the payment details can also clear the transaction details.
  • Implemented fixed header in the multiple pages, like All Registrations, Athlete List, and Placed Orders.
  • The organization staff member can add/post private notes for athletes and staff members from the Athlete List & Member Activity and Staff Member List & Member Activity pages.


  • The organization staff member can schedule a match on the past dates from the “Add Match” modal window. Also, can update the date of the past matches from the schedule list page.
  • Navigation links have been provided for the graphical data (charts) displayed on the organization homepage (staff member dashboard).
  • A new column is added to display list of teams associated with the players in the exported payment reports file.
  • The athletes can update/replace the documents uploaded during the program registration from the athlete registration info page.
  • The organization staff member with the role ‘junior clerk & above’ can opt to get notifications for the program registrations.
  • The programs on the public website will be displayed based on the priority, ascending order & update date.
  • The organization staff member can add/publish private links.
  • Replaced the navigation gear icon with a blue three horizontal dots icon throughout the application.
  • Enhanced UI/UX on the following areas:
    • Organization athlete dashboard
    • Athlete membership card
    • All widgets
  • The teams display order on the public website has enhanced with respect to the assigned divisions & age groups.
  • Fixed program update issues

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