Release Notes

SportsPlus Release Notes – August 30, 2021

  • The organization admin can
    • Add custom fulfillment statuses for the registrations and placed orders from the Super Admin > Org Settings > Registrations and Payments pages.
    • Customize the convenience fee default label text displayed on the Website > Programs > Program Show page from the Org Settings > Payments page.
    • Specify the yearly season from the Org Settings > General page.
    • Choose to display the standings on the website either by division or age group or none from the Org Settings > Standings page.
  • The organization staff can 
    • Add up to 5 staff members to receive registration notifications from the Registration > Programs > Program Show Page > More Options tab. 
    • View & export the item referral order details from the Payments > Member Sales page. 
    • Search by entering ID value on all the list pages.
    • View the game lineup of the primary and opponent teams from the Schedule > Schedule List & Show pages.
    • Choose what all columns can be displayed for the players under the eligible programs and family members program tables from the My > Register for Programs page.
    • Delete a custom field referenced to programs and fields from the Registration > Custom Fields > Custom Field Show page.
    • Delete a content item referenced to website pages from the Publish > Content > Content Show page.
    • Delete a shop discount referenced to item lists from the Shop > Discounts > Discount Show page.
    • Delete a registration discount referenced to programs from the Registration Discounts > Discount Show page.
    • Delete a custom widget referenced to website pages and website footer from the Website Admin > All Widgets > Custom Widgets page.
  • The team staff can manage the game lineup of the upcoming schedules from the Team Portal > Schedule page.
  • Provided website widgets that display the latest feed of the SportsPlus blogs and random Sports Riddles. All the SportsPlus provided widgets can be accessed from the Website Admin > All Widgets > SportsPlus page.
  • The association staff can 
    • Add a unique short name for the clubs under it. The assigned short name can be used to identify the teams to which club they belong.
    • Generate schedules for the clubs under it, using the league auto-scheduler and tournament bracket generator. The generated schedules will be displayed in the association > schedule area, club > team portal, and team members area.
  • The organization staff member can 
    • View the timestamp and IP Address of the registrants who accepted the waivers during the program registration process from the Registration > All Registration > View Registration Info page. 
    • View all the custom fields data that a registrant has answered during the program registration process from the Registration > View & Export Extended Data.
    • View the list of staff members and parents who have subscribed to the organization emails and text messages from the Manage > Staff Members page and Manage > Athletes & Parents > Parents page.
    • Expand/collapse the website page design area and preview area.
  • All the fulfillment statuses related to the placed orders have moved to the Super Admin > Org Settings > Payments page.
  • Fixed data loading issue on the Teams > Assign Players page.
  • Not allowing the organization staff members to create tournament schedules outside the tournament area.
  • Enhanced the presentation of the guest order confirmation email message.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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