Release Notes

Release Notes – Oct 6th, 2018


  • Allowing the organization members to filter the schedules by game season in all the schedule list and calendar pages.
  • Provided an option for the organization members to add a category to the content.
  • Allowing the organization members to update the game name on the game update page.
  • The organization members are now allowed to post team events to the multiple teams.
  • Provided an option to assign a staff member to handle all the organization contact messages and queries.
  • Allowing the organization members to export all the team staff details from the team staff page.
  • The organization members can now disable the family members switching between them.
  • Provided an option to add more information to the website contact settings page.
  • The organization members can now view the discount usage report respective to the program registrations.
  • Introduced a new feature to upload fields in bulk, like the athletes and games.
  • Displaying IDs in the programs, teams, update payments and fields list pages.
  • Allowing the organization members to view the payment detailed report by clicking the ID on the update payments page.
  • Allowing the organization members to delete the ordered items from the member order items list.


  • Organization members can access payments & placed orders on the same page.
  • Enhanced the member activity page and allowing the staff to perform actions on the same page.
  • Enhanced the image display presentation of the online stores, donations, sponsors and available orders pages.
  • Pre-filling the organization address to the users in the program registration when they don’t have the address details.
  • Based on the condition, the athlete details will be hidden on the program registration.
  • Enhanced the presentation and navigation in the publish module.
  • Enhanced the filter based sorting on the athlete, registrations, and payments list pages.
  • Enhanced the organization sign up workflow and welcome dashboard.
  • Enhanced the program registration process presentation.
  • Enhanced the presentation of the inbox and sent messages to show pages and list pages.
  • Enhanced the field reservation page by displaying the existing events of that field.
  • Enhanced the compose message presentation of the mobile view.
  • Enhanced the FAQs page presentation.
  • Bug fixes in the standings and past schedules.
  • Fixed issues in the user created page delete area.

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