Release Notes

Release Notes – Nov 29, 2019


  • The organization staff with the role ‘Junior Clerk & above’ can 
    • Assign a team to the program from the Registration > Programs > Add/Update Program page. The program registrants will be added automatically as players to the team only when paid online.
    • Change the stage of one or multiple teams from the Manage > Teams > Forming, Playing, Closing, and Retired tabs.
    • Export the field reservations from the Manage > Fields > Field Reservations page.
    • Cancel the field reservations and notify the reason to users from the Manage > Fields > Field Reservations page.
  • Provided a widget in the Website Admin > All Widgets page, which displays a slideshow of the videos that are embedded from the Publish > Gallery page. 
  • The organization staff with the role ‘Manager & above’ can add the ‘Videos’ widget to any column of the public website pages.
  • Provided a filtering option to filter the teams based on the Sport in the Manage > Teams List page. 
  • The item lists with the type ‘Team Orders’ are displayed in the Team area. The team members can order the item lists from the  Fundraising > Team Shop page.
  • The team staff can enter and view the game skills of the Baseball team players from the Enter Stats & View Stats pages of the team area. 


  • The organization admin can bulk upload the existing organization members to the teams from the Manage > Tools > Upload Athletes page. 
  • The search option in the Manage > Athletes List page works in combination with the filters available on the page. 
  • Enhanced the presentation of the
    • Registration > Programs > Program Show page
    • Manage > Teams > Team Show page
    • Manage > Fields > Field Reservations page.
    • Manage > Fields > Field Show page
  • Fixed multiple issues in the Items/Orders area.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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