Release Notes

Release Notes – Mar 15, 2019


  • Allowing basketball organization members to update team player stats from update scores and team – scores & results page.
  • Added new website page called team player stats for basketball organization.
  • Displaying the list of the conflicts in the team and organization areas for the scheduled games/matches, as like in the organization practice create & update pages.
  • Allowing the organization member to update standings for bocce, volleyball & badminton sports, similar to tennis.
  • Allowing the organization member to update player availability directly from the email by clicking on the action links ‘yes, maybe & no’.
  • Allowing the organization member to update games through bulk upload for tournaments & seasons.
  • Allowing the organization member to view the charts for the payment reports generated for a period of 2 years.
  • Implemented review & confirm page when the organization member placing orders from online store, sponsors, donations & available orders page.
  • Implemented the order confirmation and order confirmation notifications (mail & online messages).
  • Allowing the organization member to filter placed orders by the payment status on the placed orders page.
  • Added default access profile “none” and allowing the organization member to create an access profile without selecting any access areas.
  • Provided options to mark any message(s) as either read or unread in the inbox, across all the three areas[organization, team and my].
  • Capturing the user data when the user placing orders from the website – online store, sponsorship & donations.


  • Enhanced auto scheduler functionality and fixed multiple issues.
  • Enhanced order item due reminder message.
  • Enhanced member account email update process.
  • Enhanced the team area in terms of the UI & UX for the following pages
    • Team sponsors page
    • Team admin >> main settings page
    • Team announcements page
    • Team resources page
    • Team roster page (also enhanced by functionality-wise)
    • Team compose message page
    • Team communication page
    • Team volunteer positions & volunteer reports pages
    • Team locations page
  • Enhanced UI of the league auto-scheduler black-out dates & times page.
  • Enhanced UI of the subscribe to calendar modal window.
  • Enhanced UI of the organization documents page.
  • Removed the option to update the team name & logo from the team area.
  • Fixed website sub-menu display order issue on the website.
  • Fixed multiple display issues in the practice notes.
  • Fixed multiple issues in the payment reports export file.
  • Fixed the retired custom fields display on multiple program registration pages.
  • Fixed apply discounts issue on the member activity page.
  • Fixed multiple miscellaneous issues in placed orders page.
  • Fixed multiple server’s time zone issues.
  • Fixed team name display issue on multiple schedule pages.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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