Release Notes

Release Notes – June 3rd, 2017

  • Implemented Organization – Admin Defaults Features.
  • Implemented Organization Messaging Feature.
  • Implemented Team Volunteer Edit Options.
  • Implemented Team Location Enable & Disable Feature.
  • Implemented Organization Document Active & Retire feature.
  • Implemented Organization Multiple Practice Create Feature.
  • Implement AMP Page For Local Sports Club Show.
  • Researched On SVN To GIT Migration.
  • Redesigned Local Sports Club Show Page.
  • Enhanced Team Pages Presentation.
  • Enhanced Program Presentation.
  • Enhanced Organization Schedule Menu.
  • Added Save And Create Another Feature In Org Schedules.
  • Enhanced Local Sports Header & Footer.
  • Enhanced Marketing Feature.
  • Fixed Team Switching Issues.
  • Fixed Scroll Issues In Organization Web-App.
  • Various Bug Fixes.
  • Various Presentation Changes.

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