Release Notes

Release Notes – Jul 30th, 2018


  • Now opponent teams will receive notifications when results are updated.
  • Added a new page for organization members to create discounts for programs.
  • Organization members can now assign home field for game and practice for all organization teams.
  • Organization members can now export all teams associated with the programs registrants.
  • Organization members can now collect zip code information from athletes on all levels.
  • Added a new website page for team staff.
  • Organization members can now upload multiple images in the gallery page.
  • The application now saves competition, group & field display name during the signup process.
  • Organization members can now send a message to unpaid & incomplete registrants from messaging feature.
  • Organization staff/team staff can now add/update scores for tennis by set wise.


  • Enhanced presentation of discounts, custom fields & default fields in the program show page.
  • Enhanced schedule display in team, organization and website pages.
  • Enhanced the family member registration process in program registrations.
  • Enhanced mobile pages presentation for order items, sponsors, donations & online store.
  • Displaying all payment transactions and added pagination in payment transactions page.
  • Enhanced navigation between member payments and member orders.
  • Fixed payment issues in order items payments.
  • Fixed multiple issues on applying discounts.
  • Fixed subdomain & organization team update issues.
  • Fixed issues in image & athlete bulk upload.

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