Release Notes

Release Notes – Jan 2nd, 2018


  • Introduced offline payments feature that provides users to do payments offline.
  • Added Custom fields feature which allows to add custom fields in the registration process.
  • Introduced an option to collect convenience fee during the program payment.
  • Availability of viewing information of registered athletes.
  • Add registration status feature is now available.
  • Feature to add convenience fee for organizations.
  • Added test registration option for staff members.
  • Added new widgets for social media and instagram.
  • Added Sitemap page for organization website.
  • Provided login from the organization website.
  • Added help text/documentation in the organization Add Field page.


  • Enhanced end-end player registration workflow.
  • Reorganized organization left side menu(UI/UX issues were fixed).
  • Enhanced website schedule list page.
  • Enhanced website default home page and footer.
  • Enhanced organization payments pages presentation (My payments, Update payments & Payment reports).
  • Improved website design page.
  • Improved widgets presentation on organization and website.
  • Various presentation changes for the website.
  • Various bug fixes in organization.

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