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How can I subscribe to the schedule calendar?

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SportsPlus allows you to manage and keep track of the upcoming game, practices, and even event schedules.   Members can access all the scheduled games, practices, and events by subscribing to the calendar.

Both staff members and athletes can subscribe to their calendars which can be done from within the organization or team or my schedule area.

If you are a staff member, to subscribe to the schedule calendar, follow the steps below.

  • After logging into the SportsPlus application as an organization staff member, ensure that you’re in the organization area.
  • Click on Schedule from the left navigation menu and click on Calendar.
  • The following screen will be displayed.

  • Click on Subscribe, and the following screen will be displayed.

  • You can Subscribe to the schedule calendar by selecting any one of the following options.
    • Web-based Calendars
    • Application-based Calendars
    • Download ICS File
  • You can copy the link for web-based calendars, as displayed in the screenshot below, and paste it directly into the calendar program of your choice.

  • For application-based calendars, you can select from the options displayed in the screenshot below, and the calendars will be synced automatically.

  • You can also download an ICS file. Once downloaded, import the ICS file into any calendar application of your choice.

Note: The schedules imported with an ICS file into a calendar won’t be updated when changes occur to the original schedules.

  • Once the schedule calendar is subscribed and integrated with a personal calendar, all schedules will automatically get synced, updated, and will be displayed on your personal calendar.
  • The above process can be applied to subscribe to a team schedule from the team schedule page and also to subscribe to all of a member’s schedules from my schedules area.
  • To visit a team schedules page, click on Teams in the header, select your team, then click on the Schedule link in the left navigation.
  • To visit the all member schedules page, click on My in the header, then click on the Schedules link in the left navigation.

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