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Managing a team had never been so easy until Thapos made its entry which introduced dedicated features like Schedule, Roster, Messaging & Announcements, Match Results, Availability, Attendance, Team Live, Resources, Fans, Admin and so on to the users of Team Management. Thapos has paid attention to each participant of the Team and created features to cater their needs. Using the features will not only save your time but improve the quality and performance of your team.
Let’s find more about the feature and benefits. When you sign into a team account, a list will be displayed with all the team names you belong to. You can click on any team in the list and go to the team page. Effective coaching is about managing everything in the team. As a coach, one would like to see all the upcoming events and matches, and latest announcements at one place, Thapos team home page is designed to accommodate with all the features that a coach needs to build an organized team.

Our team home page is designed to help you manage your teams easily. We have several features  Schedule, Roster,  Messaging,  that will help you organize, Match Results, Player Availability, Team Attendance, Resources, Announcements, Sponsors, to communicate, manage and maintain your teams. The unique Team Management page will save you time as you can manage the schedule, get to know the availability of the players instantly, manage attendance of the player, send announcements and if the teams need more resources you can plan ahead of the time and use volunteers features to get more help for your team. Adding players to the team and managing roster is a cumbersome task which is made easy by roster feature. Whenever a player is added to the team the player’s details are shown in the report. You can view all the player’s details in one place.  Apart from managing players you as a head of the team will be managing your staff. In this Team management, you can also manage your staff in the roster, such as Coach, Assistant Coaches, Fitness instructor, Specialty support, volunteers and so on. As communication plays an important role in a team, announcements. Team Live and messaging are made available for the teams.

List of features available for Team Management
To keep you updated with your team activities, Thapos has provided the Home page with several quick links and buttons to give easy access to you to help you stay organized. From Home, you can access Matches, Latest Announcements, Upcoming Practice, Add Practices, Manage Roster and Send Message to Team Members, Post Announcements, Add Matches and so on…
As scheduling and managing teams take most of the time, add practice is provided in Schedule section as well as the Homepage so that you can quickly access the practice segment and maintain team practice. You can access add Matches, Team Events, and Homework on the Schedule section in Team Management and view them in the list view and calendar view of your team’s Schedule page.You can also print the calendar for your convenience.
You can manage your team roster from Roster section as well as the Home page. You not only can add a player but you can add your team staff and team parents and maintain their contacts in one place. You can instantly send messages, send text or notifications to individuals on the roster.

Messaging & Announcements

Effective communication is critical to any team and can help it in many ways. As the key audience, you will receive emails, notifications, alerts, reminders, and updates of the membership, programs, and teams.In “Team Messaging Page” you can send messages to team members parents and staff via email, mobile notification and text message. On messaging Page, you can see the following options to send a message.

Match Results
This is one of the useful pages that you will find as a coach or team lead, you can access overall record of the games in the season, view the list of matches played, results, scores, location and so on by viewing this page you can easily analyze your team performance and plan for the next game accordingly. If in case the match information is not added accurately then you can edit and write a note in the Match Recap.
As a team leads you to want to know who is available for the scheduled practice or game or event. This feature comes in handy when you want to schedule and book a court instantly. This feature will send the notification to the team immediately and you can get the response from the participants. You can also look into the past attendance to plan ahead.
You can always use this feature to get a report of your team attendance and filter by Games and Timeline. In the report, you can find the number of participants getting who were excused, had medical reasons. If any update is needed then you can simply click on the triangle symbol in each column against the name of the participant.
You can request for Volunteers and assign the volunteers new tasks. The Volunteers can sign up for the task that you have created. You can view the number of Volunteers and manage the task for a given event or game. Ones the volunteers are added you can always send announcements and messages and send them instructions about the games and assigned tasks.
You can update the game pictures in several areas in the Team Management page such as Pictures, Match results, Team Live and Athletes page all the pictures can be shared in a secure environment. Live game pictures can be uploaded here to share with the team’s parents and participants. You can choose the pictures that are displayed on the Home Page.
This is a great way to motivate your team and plan for the strategies of the game. Here you can share videos of the games played and compare with professional players and show examples of how new strategies can help improve the team performance. Share motivational speech that can bring winning spirits into your team. To do this all you need to do is click on Add Resource, complete the form and click on add. In such easy and simple steps you can motivate your team.
Team Live
Staying in touch with your team participants is very crucial to be a successful team coach, Thapos brings you a unique feature that will help you chat, share and get an instant response within your team. Using Team live you can keep everyone in the loop and update in time.
Every game a team plays is a lot of investment which includes Equipment, Tour, Food, and Venue expenses. Sponsorship helps in funding for all the needs of the Event Management or Games, Thapos has provided this
Team Shop
Team members can buy team shirts or other items to show support to the team. You can add your product and give URL link for the buyers to choose and buy.
Every team or player has the fan following whether it is local school sports team or professional sports. Thapos has provided the feature that will allow your team to get all the support from their Fans.
You can upload or directly create the required document for the team by clicking Add New Pages button, whether it is a waiver or instructions for the team.
System Admin plays an important role as your team’s and staff’s roles and permissions are managed by the Admin. Thapos has provided Admins with an easy to manage feature where the admins can Team Privacy Settings, Mode of Communication, Team Volunteer Positions, Locations, Pricing Plan and Manage Updates.

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